Sep 8, 2011

Fish Sky FIsh Sky

The U-21 world championship went on last weekend, our boy Tony Lightfoot must have been there or had minions doing work for him because via the Waterski Broadcasting company comes this awesome video of Johan Efverstrom (ever-strom?) eating it on a slalom ski.

Two things about this video.

1)  We may not be up to snuff on slalom ski technology, but, how is it possible that he didn't come out of the ski?  Is it safer this way?  Seems dangerous, but, at the same time, if your feet don't come out at all it must be safer then, say, just one coming out right?

2)  The announcers.  That is EXACTLY how we would have announced it as well.  "OHHHHH!!!"

3)  Watch real close, Johan holds on to the rope till the very very last second, which is pretty metal, but, totally adds to the whip factor of his dome piece being smashed off the water.

D)  Does ending up where he did, does that get you an extra 1/4 buoy or anything?

4)  This picture is legit.  Like a half submerged whirlybird.

Go like the Water Ski Broadcasting on the facebooks for more greatness.  (link)

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