Sep 27, 2011

Exactly How We Remember

fuck yeah
The spiritual god father of the CRB is, of course, Jack Daniels...however, his right hand man is Patrice Martin.
This dude is sick, one of the best skiers of all-time, and just goes out and crushes runs like a maniac.

Serious, do yourself a favor and read this entire post and watch the videos at the end, or youtube some patrice and see how much of a beast this guys is.

His trick runs are the stuff of legend, wiping out, getting back up, toe-turning on like a boss.

That's not the point of this post, however, when we were little and when waterski events were shown on regular tv as opposed to small boxes on our computers, there was one dude who always seemed to be exerting so much effort for a slalom run that it was insane.

His 1,3,5 buoys, left foot forward, is that on-side?  off-side?  whatever, would appear to dunk his entire damn body and then just rocket to the other side of the wake.

lead a workshop, send some faxes, talk to corporate, shit on debra's desk
Of course, maybe it was all an act because he had the Girls That Fly waiting for him on shore waiting to feed him grapes and serve pitchers of wine and massage his feet, but, god damn it was awesome to watch.

Interestingly enough, there are like three men skiers from the olden days that we remember, Sammy, Carl and Patrice and Sammy has his thing in Orlando, but, Carl and Patrice must be just big pimping somewhere out there in the world.  Probably trafficking weapons or squashing religious uprisings or developing commercial high-rises or something.  Seriously doubt pimps like this go find a cube somewhere, bash away at spreadsheets and cold calls and listen to i-tunes all day long.

That would be a tragedy.

Oh, have you missed his insane trick run?  Here, put this into your brain and use this as motivation when you don't feel like getting out of bed, or taking that extra set.



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