Aug 29, 2011

Vid Day Monday

Spartacus is Starz first attempt at competing with HBO and the other premium channels with original programing. is hella freaking awesome! Its a cross between Cinimax at night and HBO's Rome. And Rome had some decent nudity, but Cinimax goes all sexy time at night and that is what Starz has done with Spartacus, but with blood and gore.

Why are we posting this today? Cuz I dominated the lakes this weekend skiing behind a deck boat, so watching people ski behind good boats today is not for me. If you cant trick or slalom behind a 120 hp outboard on the back of a 24 foot deck boat then you are dead to me. Yea, you heard me! Take your dress off girly man and tear it up, or do what I did and bust out a pair of wake skis and a canoe paddle to ski on, because slaloming and tricking behind that thing is just silly.

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