Aug 15, 2011

Vid Day Monday

This past week was the AWSA 3 event nationals in IL while this past weekend was the show ski nationals in WI. The midwest really is showing its waterskiing might right now. The CRB crew went to show ski nationals because...well because they have a beer tent.

Of course show skiing always holds its nationals in the midwest, it has only been outside of Wisconsin or Illionis once and that was in Ohio. 3 event nationals has been held all over the place, in the 50s it was even held on the public lake I grew up on (no, none of the CRB crew was alive then). We have a video of a jumper getting killed hitting the side curtain at that nationals, and no we will never post that one as it is very ugly.

Instead of ugly we will post some awesomez today. First off is the ultimate in show ski team work, the 5 high pyramid. I was told once that these pyramids put somewhere around 1000 lbs of pressure on the center base guys shoulders. Pretty sure it would suck to ski with a Yugo on your back. But hell, lets do this thing.

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