Aug 22, 2011

Vid Day Monday - Off Sport

Round two for off topic, this time going all the way off sport. I do not have cable (as having it just makes us sit on our couches even more) and so I do not watch much cable news...duh...but this clip is sweet. We try to avoid politics on here like we avoid your dad after that whole "spaghetti incident" with your mom, so don't give us any shit about posting fox news!

Chris Brown is a piece of shit that is supported by a culture that seems to love building up pieces of shit into something they have no right to be.* He beats on women, acts like a fool and his music sucks, but we still give him millions of bucks and give him honors such as being on Saturday Night Live. Yes we know SNL has been god awful for the past 27 years but people still watch it for some reason.

*ie: the fact that Kim Kardashians wedding is somehow important news. And they even gave a show to the whole family, speaking of which if you watch that stupid fucking show I do not want to know you and I hope you die in a fire.

This clip here makes me really like this guy, I am tempted to offer the CRB Minions virginity to him.

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