Aug 31, 2011


All Star CRB Girl Alex Lauretano is the January model for the Girls That Fly calendar, and yes, this pic is just more proof that she is very worthy of the CRB Girl title. You can pick up this calendar and help get womens pro jumping in more events here.

Note: Lauretano's tattoo on her left hip? "CRB rules"...its written in a unique font.  Don't study it to close, perv.


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Her tat says: Alis volat propriis

    I expect that the investigative reporters at CRB are out boozing up on the holiday or maybe they lost their Wikipedia link.

    Alis volat propriis is a Latin phrase used as the motto of U.S. state of Oregon. The official English version of the motto is "She Flies With Her Own Wings.

  2. well damn, someone is all up on their game. That is a solid tat if this is really what it says.

    and yes, we all got our party on for the holiday. my head hurts


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