Aug 4, 2011

Malibu Open

Well it is that time of year again, time to head off to the Malibu Open. We have loaded up the contact lion with all the essentials and its time to hit the road.

This year the Malibu Open has added womens jump which is hella woot! Now they just need another couple sponsors and then they need to add mens and womens tricks and it will really start to look like what a Pro Tour really should be.

The water at the site is a little lower then last year and might lead to the water rolling a bit, but whatever this event is taking place in the middle of a large air show, the crowds should be bigger then anything we see anywhere else.

Of the three events being run by Dana Reed this year this should by far draw the largest crowds, The Global Invite was at a busy public beach and had solid crowds, the Katy Ski Jam or whatever its called will be a waste of time with small crowds on a private lake. It sounds like the local organizers of that event have paid no attention at all to what has worked in pro skiing in recent years. Pro events do not draw people on their own, we are not a big enough sport with enough major backing to get the big turnouts with out setting up in a public location. Of course there are some people in our sport that refuse to believe they are not always right... Dana has the right idea, not.

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But screw it, lets get to the show ski state and watch some skiing! woot!

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