Aug 25, 2011


And the Jackasses of the year award goes to...

These douche bags!

These guys deserve to have their ski boat owning rights revoked and be banned from all lakes.


  1. As douchebaggish as that move may have been, the stupidity is far more sublime.

    Who, while pulling a sweet ski boat, passes by a hot girl in a bikini and short cutoffs, thinks,"yeah, I really should shoot some black smoke in this chick's face????"

    Harry and Lloyd demonstrated more prescience when they declined to join the Hawaiian Tropic Girls at the end of Dumb and Dumber.

  2. Very good point Rykert!


    YOU HAVE A BOAT THAT WILL GET YOU HELLA GIRLS. and as D-bags your whole goal in life is to fill said boat that your parents gave you with hot girls and drive around making huge waves and fucking up the lake for the rest of us. use your heads.



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