Jul 13, 2011

Your Sister is Nate Smith's Baby Momma

This kid seemingly came out of nowhere last year and has just been laying down insane passes like its cake. It has run 28 consecutave 39.5 off passes in record tournaments and dropped a 5.5 at 41 off this past weekend. It is very likely that we will see the record fall this year and maybe more.

With all that there comes this vid from the Sac Town Gold Rush. Which I have to say that event kinda pisses me off. WTF is the point of having an event to see if you can do it and giving out 50 K but not allowing the public to come watch? Lets see how exclusive we can get...Is that our goal? My understanding is that Taylor Garcia's dad is a hot shot lawyer with dolla dolla bills all over the place and he put up most or all of the money. So whatever, dude bought himself an event...PUT THIS STUFF WHERE THE PEEPS SEE IT. Or was this just to try and get bigger sponsors to see how it goes and try to get big bucks? Hell I don't know, we just spout half cocked opinions here. That's how we roll bitchz!

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  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I believe the intention of the Sac State Gold Rush to test the feasibility of doing an event in the area. Mainly it was to get promo footage, and try to court some larger sponsors in hopes of doing the tournament you are talking about next year in a much larger venue. From the rumblings, there are some fairly large names looking to get involved. So hopefully, it will be a productive event so next year it can be even bigger. LA Night Jam did something similar at INT nationals before they put on a large scale tournament to try to work out some bugs and invite sponsors to see what a cool event it was going to be.


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