Jul 18, 2011

Vid Day Monday

Since getting a real job and joining the "real" world I have been forced to put skiing more and more on the back burner...and that is hella lame. So this weekend I went out and visited my old group of skiing buddies, this is a group of skiers that will never grow up. So they have all gotten better over the years while I have been working and posting on this nonsense website. So being out with this group again meant I had to try some tricks that I thought were probably lost to me. The following vid is not the ODBF, as I can not make it that easy to figure out who we are, but this is what I was doing, AND I DOMINATED.*

*did not fall

I saw a shirt once that said "Real Men Do Back Deeps Naked", I like the guy in this vid am not a real man I guess. Oh and the whiplash from the falls makes sitting at a desk on Monday suck something awful.

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