Jul 11, 2011

Vid Day Monday

The Global Invitational was this past weekend. Slalom all day long gets crazy boring, but then jump hits the water and people get into it. It was disapointing to only see 11 guys sign up for the jump event and no womens jump. If we really want our sport to prosper Jump is the big event to push. Tricks is really cool and should be included but right now the money is not there. That money will come with crowds and the crowds will come for jumping. We are a society that wants big exciting over the top events, and jump meets those requierments. Watching slalom for 8 hours is not going to cut it and sponsors don't want to pay big bucks for little return. This weekend there was a big crowd, but 90% of that crowd was there to swim and enjoy the beach not for the event itself. Now that is not to minimize the fact that we just had something like 4 thousand people at a pro tournament, just pointing out that we still struggle to get people to make the event their destination.

With that said, Freddy won the jump event with a 234 foot jump on what was basiclly a 3/4 cut. Damn that guy can fly.

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