Jul 1, 2011

July 4th is for the Awesomez

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If you are sitting at your computer reading the CRB this weekend all I can say is "GET THE FUCK OUTSIDE AND DO SOME THING COOL". Seriously, its mid summer (in my neck of the woods that means it will snow next week) so you should be skiing, grilling, lounging, launching water balloons at unsuspecting joggers, and other such nonsense. If you are in your house on the computer then you are a lost cause.

With that said, we here at the CRB are on vacation for the next week, so any posts that pop up will be from us when we are violating our own 'get the fuck off the computer' rule.

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Life Jacket has asked if porn is an acceptable reason to go on the webz, and the answer is no, even the porn tubes are off limits. Go to a strip club like the rest of us do, or just look at the above pic for awhile.

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