Jul 20, 2011

Breaking News: IWSF Still Sucks

We have said it before and will say it again, the IWSF (refuse to call it IWWF) website sucks donkey dick. The main site is about as cool to look at as an abortion would be. The scoring page for the worlds is...ok...ish. All you get is the current scores, no info, no list of who is yet to ski, or who is on the water. The ODBF gets drunk and tweets 10 times more info at tournaments, the IWSF could not at least put up some pics of the top competitors or a bit more info about the haps.

The two pictures they have put up so far are of an 8 year old from Malaysia and a trick skier from China. Those pics are interesting but how about some pics of slalom or jump, how about the top skiers or the leaders at the moment? This is the worlds and should be the best reported event we have!

I would post some pics but as they have not put up any good ones here is a picture of the sun, just to remind you all that it is crazy freaking hot out right now. Unless you live in the pacific north west where they have had 78 minutes over 80 degrees all summer.

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