Jun 6, 2011

Vid Day Monday

Freddy gives a run down on what jumping is for the London Night Jam in '09. Freddy is all around one of the coolest guys in any pro sport. He loves the sport and is crazy good at it, but the fact that he understands the need for the crowds and is right there in the forefront pushing for events that will grow the sport is what makes him great. At the LA Night Jam II he gave a victory speech that was a perfect example of how a pro athlete in a sport trying to grow should act. He is a great example of a skier others should try to imitate.

We did a little survey here of how the CRB guys respond when they win events.

Dig Dug: /digs hole so all other competitors fall in
Life Jacket: /grows long hair, gets hippie girl friend
CRB Minion: Asked us what waterskiing is
ODBF: /taunts everyone while waving around 5th place medal out of 4 skiers in event
Rowboat Abides: /waves shotgun while screaming "git off my lawn you whipper snappers"

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