Jun 2, 2011

Jaret Llewellyn Wrecks Knee Again

Jaret announced via Twitter this morning that he has torn his ACL again.

Jaret Llewellyn
Think i am going to be sick! Did my ACL again! %#/!

And the inevitable consequence of an injury like this came in a release from LA Night Jam:

LA Night Jam
has breaking news. Jaret Llewellyn has re-injured the left knee ACL that he tore last season at the Masters and has decided to withdraw from LA Night Jam IV. We wish him the best of luck as he tries to recover from this latest set-back...

All of us who have had the pleasure of blowing our knees up can agree that we had the same sick feeling when we realized our seasons were over. We wish Jaret all the best in dealing with such a awful injury.

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