May 27, 2011

Masters on the webz

The 2011 Junior Masters started this morning and if you want to watch it then get on a plane and go there, as the webcast does not work. A professor in a marketing class back in college liked to say "under promise, over deliver". We love all of the work everyone does for these events, but it is disapointing to see the webcast out there all black and sad looking. Companies that stay in business do not ship out products with out making sure the product they put out works...well in most cases they don't. If you are not 100% sure it will work, then go to the site early and make sure it does.

/rant over looks like grumpy ODBF showed up at the office today. Need some happy thoughts.

@WhitMcClintock and @H2OProShop are tweeting the results.

Well that is a start...

ITS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 3 day weekends rule!!

And there is always the hope that the webcast guys get it figured out and you can grill out and watch awesome skiing. Of course its about 35 degrees here because somehow the north forgot what summer is this year.

Update: as of 11:20 cst the webcast is working again. Soooooo, ODBF is a douche

Update 2: Ok, so the Masters webcast is working now and it was well worth the wait. The camera work is fantastic, great angle and not to bouncy. And as usual Tadd is rocking the mic like a vandal.


  1. the webcast is blocked for me at the CRB auxiliary compound. bummin out

  2. I hate that the webcast is blocked. I wanted to see it!


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