May 30, 2011

The Masters - Critical in-depth Analysis

"I wanna be like Freddy!!"
The Masters happened over the weekend, results, and for the last three or four years or so we at the CRB have been trying to figure out a way to pack all of us into the contact Chevette and make our way there, it has not been to be and it was not to be this time either.  Which is to bad because it looks like a good time.

So, we did what a few other million people* did and catch it on the webcast, with our boy Tadd and friends.

Not only that, twitter is awesome for following events when you are not around a computer AND the b.o.s has as nifty app that is sort of a catch all for tweets, results for the events, which you can download from the itunes.

With that being said the results were:

1) Freddy (229)
2) Dodd (221)
3) Sharman (212)
4) Llewelln (212)

1) Natalia (182)
2) Carrol (179)
3) Regina (163)
4) Lund-Jepsen (163)

1) Siemers  (11,730)  (ed.note: well DUH!)
2) Poteau (11320)
3) Zharnasek (10620)
4) Llewellyn (10560)

1) McClintock (7750)
2) Natalia (7410)
3) Cambray (4700)
4) Nightingale (3800)

1) Travers (4.5@39) (ed.note: wow!!)
2) Larkin (3@39)
3) Asher (2.5@39)
4) Degasperi (2.5@35)

1) KARINA (3@38)
2) Truelove (2.5@38)
3) Amade (1.5@38)
4) Jaquess (1.25@38)

1) Clifford (91.67)
2) Soven (81.67)
3) Malinoski (71.67)
4) Murray (58.33)

1) Wing (71.67)
2) Butler (66.67)
3) Merritt (60.00)
4) Smith (51.67)

1) Hansen (86.67)
2) Shinn (76.67)
3) Grubb (63.33) (ed.note: nom nom nom nom)
4) Thomas (56.67)


We were only able to catch the slalom portion of the webcast on Sunday (odbf was able to watch alot more, but, we are afraid that odbf is "out of pocket" this weekend.  Meaning = lost somewhere)

But, from what odbf said prior to going all Alexander Supertramp on us, there was some techincal issues with the webcast, which were frustrating but the camera work and general production was fantastic. 

So, tuning in on Sunday we were pleased that everything was working great and Tadd and Company were ice ice baby'ing the mic. 

The camera work was real nice, various camera angles, shots of the crowd or people under a tent, various shots of the skiers on the water and picked up Karina's pink shorts like crazy! :)

Of note: Kristy Overton was awesome.  She worked really well with the other two announcers, Tadd and Tyler Boyd.(Thanks Tony!)(sorry other guy I cant remember your name), and had nifty insight into the skiers and came across very polished and added quite a bit to the broadcast.  We come to expect greatness from Tadd on the mic especially with the gravely voice vibe going, but, needless to say it was a very nice presentation. 

On the water, there was what appeared to be an ice fishing hole or something because we all thought that after Karina and Travers went down earlier then expected that Regina and Asher would just come swooping in and win the damn thing.  And they certainly looked strong and we just figured it was done and then BOOM! explosions! 

Regina may have been snipered or something because her crash was awesome and Asher just wiped out.  From our untrained eye it almost looked they were carrying way to much speed into the buoys, but, then again the last time we ran at that line length was never. 

Congrats to Jon Travers too, if memory serves he qualified late for the event and then totally took advantage and won the damn thing.  He was pissed after falling and I am sure he was thinking that there was no way a 4.5 @ 39 would get it done. 

Long story short, it was cool. 

Unfortunatly, that was all we were able to catch live from The Masters, running a global empire like the CRB and its various factions (tumblr page, global logistics, server farms, etc) requires many hours of high pressure work and nary a day off to enjoy the finer things, like scotch or gardettos. 


When events are being webcast like the Masters or Night Jam or whatever, can you watch them on your phone??  Friday and Saturday of the event we were stuck at the Auxillary CRB compound where our I.T department blocks streaming video (assuming its because the top secret government work being done), but, we all have our phones...does it work on those?? 

That would be awesome.  It would be like having a minature Tadd talking to us!!  Or a Mini Freddy!!  hahaha!!  A Mini Anais Amade swerving in your pocket?? HI-OOOOO!!!!!!

Anyways, thats all we got.  It was cool to watch and looked like nice weather. 

"I had a great time!!" said someone who participated...we assume. 

Maybe next year CRB can be on-site and do critical in-depth interviews in front of port-o-potties or strap on a trick ski and take Siemers down!!!

Oh well, good job all.

One more final note to the production team, anyway we can incorporate helmet cams and explosions? 

*100% accurate


  1. Two notes:
    The other announcer was Tyler Boyd, a former collegiate skier from ULM.

    LA Night Jam WILL be able to be seen on Smart Phones, iPhones and iPads. Check it when the event takes place on June 18th

  2. Thanks Tony. Fixed. and.

    AWESOME!!! Mini Tony in your hand!!

  3. the interwebz were nonexistant for me this weekend, so only got to watch the jr masters. looks like good stuff all around.


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