May 24, 2011


Lots of friends on the Facebewks are "Like"ing a new company called Manawaka today. Who are they? No idea
What do they sell? I just said I have no idea, get off my back!
Why does their ad have girls making out with each other? CUZ THEY RULE!!

No idea what is going on or what this company is, but girls making out is always approved of at the CRB headquarters. In fact the CRB Minion has gotten us sued for sexual harrasment about 40 times because he keeps demanding that the women in the sales department make out with each other to get their pay checks. It would be a lot easier just to tell them that the CRB is a cash flow negative venture and we have no money, but his way is pretty entertaining.

I woke up today with the desire of being different! Desire to work, improve my appearance, healthy diet, no more cursing, stop smoking, do exercise, stop drinking, run every afternoon, go to bed early, desire of becoming a better person, So... I went back to bed!

Quote from their Facebook page.

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  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Hey guys wats going on?

    Mandawaka is a board short company that was created by a 17 yr old pro water skier a couple of years ago. They have the craziest designs ever. Mandawaka began in Colombia and has expanded throughout the USA, Canada, France and even Australia... faster than anyone thought.

    Heres their site and Facebook if anyone wants to check em out:

    have a good on!


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