Laurentano, The New Trick Hottness

CRB Girl Alex Laurentano showed her determination at the NCWSA Nationals last year when she took to the water again right after a hella crash that left her with a dislocated shoulder and still put up a solid jump score. She showed that same determination at the Polar Bear Classic in Conroe Texas this spring where she beat the previous NCWSA Trick record by 400 pts. The Mens trick record was the one expected to fall at nationals last year with the Dylan Schaffer on the leading edge of the charge to take down Jimmy Siemers record. While those who pay close attention to skiing knew that Laurentano had it in her and to see her take it down at the end of her college career made it all the more...words words words. JUST LOOK AT THIS RUN!!

Ski Line Back
Wake 540 Front
Back Flip
Back Flip Half Twist Back
Front (repeat)
Reverse Back Flip Half Twist Back
Back Flip Half Twist Front
Back (repeat)
Back Flip Full Twist Back To Back
Reverse Back Flip Full Twist Back To Back



  1. whats a back flip half twist back?

    and yeah, thats an impressive run and all that, but, would it not have been better if there was an explosion or maybe a stronger narrative arc for the protaganist?

    just sayin.

  2. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I will stab you

    - ODBF

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I love your love of Alex. Good CRB girl


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