May 6, 2011

Ace Nails NewTrick World Record

Aliaksei (Ace) Zharnasek tore it up at Trick Jam 3.1 at the Isles of Lake Hancock in Florida. Unlike the rumor of Jimmy setting a record last year, this one sounds legit. Some posters on the Ski Flies are claiming one of his tricks will be no credit but we will have to wait for the big dogs at IWSF to make their ruling to find out if its good or not.

Ace was a power on the ULM ski team and has long had the potential to catch Nic's record. Tricks is getting exciting with Jimmy, Ace, Herman and others at the top of their games. This is just another reminder that the "pro ski tour" is off base by ignoring tricks (and womens jump). I doubt Dana will take notice of this but we can only hope. Tricks is an awesome event that truly shows off how technical our sport is and the level of skill required to compete at the top level.

Of course now Jimmy needs to get out there and take this back from the Soviet Union. Can't have those commies taking records from NATO countries.

What do you mean the cold war is over and the Soviet Union is gone?

/reports make believe commenter to the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities (HCUA)

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