Mar 17, 2011

Tie Those Skis Together

Little kids rocking the boom! Hellz yea

Teaching little kids to ski can be a lot of fun as long as you don't get stuck with the whiny little fat kids that just want to play video games all day while getting diabetes. Those kids could ruin a day at any ski school when you get stuck with one of them, you just want to drown the little bitches. But back to happy time, teaching little kids...hell yea, they get all excited and their faces light up. Its kind of like the feeling us older skiers get when we knock off that difficult pass or stomp some new trick, except they are not all jaded by life.

Coaching skiing is probably the best job you can ever have, thats why I sit at a desk and stare at numbers all day. thats cuz this job pays money instead of room and board. But fuck it, if you get the chance to go you better get your ass to a ski school and coach, I coached for 4 years and man that ruled. And don't be like some instructors who only do it to get to ski tons on good lakes, take pride in the fact that this person views you and the face of water skiing and give it your all, unless of course its some fat whiny kid, just tell them to fuck off they are annoying anyways.

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