Mar 31, 2011

Lake Trout Carry Out

It seems that Manhattan Style has no clue what a modern picture of waterskiing should look like. The above picture is from an article about Assistant DA Jonathan Streeter skiing on the Hudson before going to work. We could say several humorous things about this pic and its inclusion in this article but this is the CRB and we are nothing if not always very serious.
"while the yabbies?? are cooking on the BBQ, are you sure you're not an" interstate city wanker" yourself ? Cherabin maybe, no yabbies!"
Yea, I'll second what he said. Somehow that was a response to this story about a guy in northern Australia getting in trouble for pulling his kid skiing behind a helicopter.

The ODBF predicted another rough year for boat dealers around the country due to increasing gas prices and the falling prices in the home markets, but he is not an economist so instead we will take this writer for the Cedar Vally Business Monthly Online's opinion.

Here is some proof that the ODBF knows all. Last week he said that cable parks would continue to pop up all over the place. And BOOSH BITCHEZ!!!

On that note...this park in Santee CA is not going to open...I blame the hippies.

Seriously, every article we found this week about wakeboarding involved cable parks, like this one about cable parks in Thailand. Kind of annoying really, I mean where were the pics of stupid hot chicks fawning all over douche bags in boats that daddy bought.

Namibian sports websites seem to know how to get their stories way up the google rankings. It seems everytime we get our search on for waterski newz we find stuff about ski tournys in Namibia, even though this was their biggest event yet and it had 52 entrants, 18 of which were wakeboarders. We have decided it is time we move the CRB head quarters over there, as we could actually compete and maybe qualify for nationals.

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