Mar 9, 2011

Lake Trout Carry Out

Lake Trout Carry Out is the CRB's version of a link dump. Bunch of articles that we could write about but are to lazy to so we throw them all at you at the same time. Deal with it.

We jumped on the Erika Lang bandwagon early on in her rise to fame and her score at the Junior Moomba Masters shows we were right to do so. She outscored 2nd place by over 3600 pts or by about 36 of the CRB minions trick runs.

Speaking of the Moomba Masters you can follow them on Twitter here, or check out all of the infos at their website here.

Regina Jaquess has been named a AAU James E Sullivan award finalist. I have never paid attention to the Sullivan awards before, but Ive never paid attention to your mom either.
The other four finalists are: Evan Lysacek, figure skating; Tahnee Robinson, basketball; DJ Williams, football; and Karrissa Wimberley, baton twirling.
...baton twirling...errrr

This article about a guy barefooting at 153 mph behind a helicopter. And we are just slightly more impressed by this as we are by freestyle barefooting on super fly highs and jacked up booms, that is to say ***YAWN***. Have you ever used a boom to barefoot? Its not that tough right, so when you jack the boom way up and just skim your feet on the water, all you have to do is hang on as its virtually impossible to fall. We are way more impressed by the helicopter pilot flying that low to the water and holding it level like that. Its like being the best guy on your block at riding a bike with training wheels.

Ok, it is pretty cool that he was going 153 mph and it had to be kinda scary to be under a helicopter while going that fast. So we are about 500 times more impressed by this then we are by that lame ass freestyle barefoot bs.

Hella dead fish in a harbor in California. I used to ski on a lake that had a big fish kill, it was some nasty shit. Had to shovel the fish off the beach and the smell was enough to make you puke. Ahh, good memories.

This may be the worst edited story in the history of news...The show ski team in Loves Park IL, The Ski Broncs, have been given $3000 by the city tourism office to help get the team back up and running after they had to take some time off due to low numbers and financial difficulties. Its good to see that at least some cities see value in water skiers hitting up their local waterways. Of course it could have something to do with the fact that The Ski Broncs host the Show Ski Nationals ever few years or so, and that brings boat loads of money into the local economy. Get it...boat loads...
/shows self out

Daytona Winner, Trevor Bayne, is a good wakeboarder. He used to snowboard in Gatlinburg then moved to North Carolina and decided to pick up wakeboarding. Claims he has 5 inverts so far. Good stuff.

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