Mar 10, 2011

Just Sailing and Dranking

It was announced recently, March 10th to be exact, which would make it really really recent, that US Sailing has signed a sponsorship with Old Pulteney. Old Pulteny is a single-malt scotch that has a boat on its bottles, so, this partnership is a natural. Lace up my top-siders Trade Only Today
The sponsorship agreement includes direct financial support for the organization, including support for select US Sailing Adult National Championships and Speaker Series events. Old Pulteney will be present for onshore social events and cocktail receptions during these programs.

"We are excited to have Old Pulteney on board with US Sailing," executive director Jack Gierhart said in a statement. "Their support will help us expand our Speaker Series, strengthen our adult championships and enhance the social aspect of these events."
*adjusts monocle* I do say chap, this scotch and ice-cube concoction is wonderful, speaking of which, did you see Anderson Von Hammerdriver's team win the rowing match, good sport!

Speaking of Top-Siders, you will happy to know that US Sailing does have a sponsorship deal with Sperry Top-Siders, and just a word of caution, if you click this link, Sperry, to go to their website, its basically a Gap commercial on boats. 

Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, but, if its street cred you are looking for this may not be the route you want to take.  If you come rolling up to your street ball game sporting the SON-R Ping Buckle style Sperrys, you best have mad game son, or you will be clowned.  Ya feel me, its yo boy fo sheezey, damn son yo lookin mad dumb in yo kicks.

Frank, however, still prefers to drink his whiskey in his favorite mode of transportation.

LOL, just drinkin and copterin

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  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    damn, imagine the life that frank must have lived.

    Frank: "oh i see this is your husband, nice to meet you, i am frank, i am goign to borrow her for a bit, be right back"

    Husband: "here, use this condom"

    -dig dug

    sent from a moving school bus


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