Mar 24, 2011

Cutting Edge CRB

According to a bunch of charts our interns made* we need to make the CRB more mobile phone friendly. According to this chart by 2014 there will be more people accessing the interblag-o-sphere via mobile devices. HELLA PORN ON THE GO!!! WOOOOHOOOOO

*Morgan Stanley

And apperantly there are 4.5 billion people in the world using mobile phones and less then 2 billion using the interwebz from puters and lappys. That means the CRB is now avalable to 2.5 billion more people. Or about 3 more monthly viewers!! And if all 3 of those viewers click on our advertising links we could make at least 15 cents more a year.

So with that said, the CRB is proud to announce the CRB now has a mobile website!! This took us over a year* of planning and development** and finally today it is up and running. So whip out your phone and take a look!

*just checked a box
**drinking and sleeping

1 comment:

  1. got a letter from Rowboat Abides after this announcement, its stated in part, "would we send more whiskey, and when will the CRB be on newstands" whatever that means.

    btw. hello porn on the go is our new indie-rock band


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