Feb 14, 2011

We Love This Girl

You have all probably heard about or seen the reporter lady in Los Angelos who started speaking in tongues live on the air covering the Grammys and god help us, but, we just laughed like we were being gang-tickled in a clown car while high on the drugs.

Does that make us bad people? We have been in this situation before (not live on tv) but where you are talking and your brain just goes about 1000 miles per hour and your mouth just can't keep up.

Here is an example

CRB: "A derp a derp herp a gerper...um...haaka derpa...damnit...(deep breath)...heda gerd flakka wakka GOD DAMNIT!! oh! there we go! haha, no Im fine, just want some waffles"

Waitress: "Ok CRB, would you like some coffee?"

CRB: "Dogga wakaka flim flam on the mamajam"

Old Lady: "Pardon me ma'am, but, I speak Jive"

See, it happens all the time. In fact, this reporter lady was actually probably not even live on regular people TV. IT was probably on some future TV channel, she actually spit (hot fire) out three chapters of Stephen Kings "The Stand".

Trash Can man rules.

Besides, all over the interwebs people were making fun of her as if no one has ever fucked up in their life before, if you look close you can see there is a point where she goes in her head "oh my god I have come off the rails" and yet she powers right on through and throws it back to the studio like a pro. We have a feeling that most people, especially those in the blog world, would have shrieked, dropped the microphone and ran away...then pretended to be to cool about all, "pssh, yeah, that job sucked anyways"

This should remind you of the Boom goes the Dynamite guy, who just got all sorts of tongue tied and screwed up and was slobbering all over himself and you have to know that both these people had some sort of sheer terror in their heads knowing that they still had to vamp for like 10 seconds or a minute or whatever. You can't start over. The great part of live TV.

Its like the ODBF trying to pick up someone at a bar, its just a disaster happening in slow motion that we all know is going to end poorly, but, you applaud the effort.

"Good one there ODBF, we really liked the part about the racehorse, a fishing pole and ass wax...good stuff, phone number? haha didn't think so"

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