Feb 14, 2011

Vid Day Monday

Did we just steal this off the Ball of Slalom Shenanagenz site? Yes, yes we did. I have a copy of this sitting on my stove at home. You may ask why its on my stove and that is a legit question to which I have no good answer. I will probably watch it as it looks sweet as hell, the slow motion stuff will probably get Dig Dug all worked up and he may stab some people randomly in the street. In the past he may have gone down the street to his local Master Craft dealer and raised hell, but as they have traded in selling boats for selling dust bunnies and vacant buildings that is probably a no go.

Oh and Marcus Brown is awesome and the CRB crew has a collective man crush on him, so that is another reason we will watch it.


  1. It's official. I'm ready for summer.

  2. holy shit...im pumped. that looks awesome. going to go whirleybird the hell out of my neighbor


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