Feb 7, 2011

Vid Day Monday - Best Skier Ever?

There are people out there that are it seems can do anything on the water. We all have one friend that seems to be able to pick up any new skill as if it is nothing. I have a friend that had never tricked before, tossed him my goodman and he was landing flips and all basic surface and wake turns by the end of his first set. I hate him with a passion.

This vid is of Matt May, nephew of the show ski legend Skip Gilkerson, and he shows here that he is one of those guys that can do anything.

Skip is the guy wearing the stupid orange hat in the vid, he wears that thing all the time. He is weird but he was an amazing skier back in the day and he likes to tell people that.

Skip: Here take these skis
Matt: /skis
Skip: Hit the jump
Matt: /sticks it
Skip: Do some freestyle jumping
Matt: /heli, front flip, gainer, mobe, discombobulator
Skip: Look a barefoot jump
Matt: /Xgames the shit out of the barefoot ramp
Skip: Heres a bunch of other ski stuff
Matt: /Shoe ski flip, Sky Ski flip, ATB, bitchez, other ski related stuff
Matt: Turns 16

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