Feb 22, 2011

Tractor Pulls are Awesome pt. 2

So the first tractor pull post got us a little to amped up and kept us thinking about how GOD DAMN cool tractor pulls are.

Now, sure, we have gone on a bit in our gallon of gas series of posts about green type boats and efficiency and new propulsion technology, but...sometimes you just wanna say "F that noise, its time to rage" and to that end, lets put one of these insane tractor pull units into a damn SkiMasterBu and just kill things?

Oh sure, your wakes for your precious 33 off pass may be messed up (that cant be right, there is no 33 off pass that we are aware of) but, holy lord you wouldn't need any kind of Zero Off system with like 3,000 horsepower.

Oh, Marcus Brown..you think you can pull?  Please son, I have 4 V-12 Allison motors that says you ain't got nothing!!!!

For that matter, why not have 4 separate transmissions and props??

Logistically, your boat may be about 15 feet wide and handle like meth'ed up Llama in a no-gravity atmosphere, but, still, that $400 you are spending for gas for that twenty minutes of skiing is well worth it.  Like you wouldn't have every person on the lake coming by to check out what you got going on.

Show skiers?  Ever feel like pulling 6 5-tier pre-fab pyramids?  From deep water?  The new SkiMasterBu can probably handle that, while cranking some James Gang and sipping on a big-gulp.

Ski Racers...ever felt the need to go 2,000 MPH?  no?  yeah, thats probably a good plan.

Barefooters?  Ever want a trough/wake situation that is completely bonkers?  We got you

Yeah...thats about all the jokes we could think of, as you would have to be towing a submarine along the bottom of the lake with the desire to get that sunken submarine on plane to need this much power.

Then again, no one at CRB needed the Caribian Jerk Chicken Wing eye drops either, but we did it.

Why this video and not some James Gang to complete the joke? Because Howlin Wolf is bitchin and you need some culture.

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  1. Tractor pulls are popular places for guys to propose to their sisters.


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