Feb 1, 2011

Best. Skiing. Ever.

What do sick dirty powder and Pink Floyd have in common? Nimbus Independent's short ski film "Thank You" is what. Nimbus is a production company put together by pro skiers Eric Pollard and Pep Fujas, along with Chris Benchetler and Any Mahre, and they are pretty much the coolest kids on the block, thanks to their free webisodes like this one.

"Thank You" in particular is a re-edit from some of their footage over the years, but you'd think Nimbus had been rocking out to Pink Floyd from the start, the way this thing flows. The story behind the title? Nimbus wanted to show their appreciation to their fans... I believe it's the fans however, who owe Nimbus their thanks.

The vibe starts out strong with artsy shots of random locals talking about predicting the weather, but be sure to turn up the volume before you hit 4:30 when the skiing starts coming hard...

...Well, now that I've contributed my 132nd view to Nimbus's vimeo page, I'm going to go back outside and start up my snow dance again, because if it doesn't dump soon here in California, I'll have to resort to moving to the Rockies... screw it... I'm going to the beach.

LifeJacket - Out

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  1. I should see if I can find a hot, talented seamstress to resew me as an Avy Airbag, since the only floating I've been thinking about lately is in snow like this...


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