Feb 10, 2011

Creaky Turns 1000 Posts Old

The CRB turns 1000 posts old with this post.

A post of an old guy drinking and smoking.  We figured it was about right, seeing as we are the irresponsible side of the waterski interblagocracy.

We have had tons of emails coming in via the contact Lion asking what we planed on doing to celebrate this milestone, and the answer is simple, do what we do here at the CRB compound.

Fire up the CRB cooler, invite all our employees and families and friends to partake in the festivities.

Even Nola, the dog from Rykerts lake of sin, decided to drop us a line.

"Hey losers, you your the best waterski blog there is that less then half the time actually talks about waterskiing, cuz, your the only waterski blog that spends less then half the time talking about waterskiing, which also makes you the worst"

Thanks Nola, all though you should check yourself for plagiarism.

So, BOOM, 1000 posts.


  1. Rowboat Abides is looking good!

  2. not with a steady diet of old crow whiskey and bacon.

  3. How many posts out of 1000 were written while sober? The over/under is 47.

  4. that is a very good guess. Ill take the under

  5. You've been served.



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