Feb 24, 2011

CRB Public Service - Help Out A Collegiate Team

Via the Contact Lion we got a little note from a dude at uw-madison asking if we would help pimp their fundraiser as they are trying to sell some t-shirts so they can buy a boat.

The t-shirt in question is a dude back barefooting naked with dong flapping around.  So, our initial response was "water must be cold huh?" and then our second thought was, "wait, you wanna buy a boat, of course we will help out"

So, please go to their ski it again site/post/whatever and buy the shirt so these kids can buy a damn boat.

To mega stud type Andy, who sent us the email, we know we said we would post this wednesday morning, but, that was the day when we were served papers, so, we apologize for the delay.

Whenever we get around to setting up our online store full of CRB stuff, like, t-shirts and coffee cups and vibrators, we should have stuff like this to pimp as well.  If nothing else, the CRB is a philanthropic type organization.

philanthropic mind you, not philandering.  That only happens when we are in Wyoming.  Don't ask.

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