Jan 5, 2011

What would you do with 300 some million?

So, we were kicking this around today at the office.  What would you do if you won the Mega Million lottery?

Its a fun and stupid question at the same time.  You know damn well you aren't going to win, but, at the same time...whoa...what if??

You would feel like one of those rapper dudes who drinks kristal for breakfast and throws 100's out of the window of their cars because they can.

We asked around the office for what they would do and with predictable results, here were a few answers.

ODBF: "probably do some blow and bang a tranny"  "really"  "pssh, i dont know.  get a beer?  I am working on the damn spread sheet you asked for, would you leave me alone?"

Good lord, its like pulling teeth sometime, yo...just asking for a quick humourous thought on if you had no financial obligations...not a baton death march.

Minion:  "A refill of my damn methadone prescription"

Oh, how clever...a drug reference.

Life Jacket:  "A college chick"  "thats it???"  "yeah..pretty much...or a dude...I am not picky"

Get it?  because LJ hasn't had sex.  Boosh

Whatever.  Here is a serious question.  If you won the millions of dollars would you actually buy a ton of shit and flaunt it or would you have any sort of guilt regret?

Here is the thought.  If you were a rapper dude (referenced above) and you got a few million bucks to make a record or whatever, you earned that money...so the shit you buy, or blow your money one, you have earned, you can do whatever you want with it and should feel completely fine about it.

You want to get a Bentley, paint it matte black, drop some 24's on it and roll around like a dick head?  Good for you, because that is money that you earned.  Right or wrong and however it was acheived, that money is yours.

If you are a Joe Francis, Vivid type and make a lot of money in the porn world, exploiting people to make money on boobs and blow jobs, well...you are simply exploiting a market opportunity.  That money is yours, you have earned it.

Morality plays aside, that is money earned.  No?

Oh sure, "oh these girls have daddy issues or didn't know what they were doing or were drunk"  sure, fine, thats all relevant...but, there were bigger d-bags out there who scooped that up for a little J-session and paid money for it.

Regardless of how we think, morally, of how money is accumulated, as long as its done within reasonable bounds of the law, it is achieved...earned.  Right?

Now, that brings us to the idea of the lottery.

That is "technically" money earned, as you purchased a ticket, i.e, you put in to get out.  But, if you saw the CRB rolling around in a Ferarri pick-up truck towing a Scarab while sprinkling cocaine like rose petals in front...well, your a weirdo.

You didn't earn this money, you just lucked into a bunch of cash and you really should not get a big head, buy a bunch of crap and act a fool because of it.  Its luck.  Why does no one give a shit about the Kardashians (except morons)?  Because they didn't do shit.  They had a rich dad and they exploit the publics weird obsession with celebs, thats akin to winning the lottery.  You didn't do anything, but, now you have alot of money.

Hopefully, however, most of us would have the self awareness to know that and not act as if we are important.

So?  Cool story bro.  We would buy a new boat, a cool truck, a private lake and tell everyone else to piss off...we are going skiing.

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