Jan 31, 2011

Vid Day Monday

First time I watched this I thought "hahaha, take that you stuck up rich guy", then I started thinking about it. What happens when I win the lottery and got gigantic piles of cash...now that I have made fun of this guy does that mean I cant waste a few hundred k on a mega fast car that likes to light on fire after a few thousand miles? So yes I feel bad for this guy, especially since it looks like F-150 guy just turned out of the gas station and drove up on that Italian art work. I hate dip shits that don't look when pulling out of gas stations.

So in conclusion I still hate everyone.


  1. ugh. thats awful. the ferarri is tits and a f150 is just a truck. hey buster, know your role, look both ways

  2. yea, seriously. Trucks are a all over, but d bags with money are rare...wait...d bags with cars i want are rare...wait...damn it I want that car. Cuz if i had that car i would sell it and have a bunch of money which i could then spend on cocaine and hookers.


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