Jan 10, 2011

Vid Day Monday

This guys voice is awesome. From now on anytime I hear a voice over on a commercial I will picture the guy that washed my windows on the offramp when I told him not to.

****ED NOTE****
I set this up to post when there were about 500 views of the video. Now it seems that every person in the world has seen it 7 times. WTF is up with that? GD Today Show.

****ED NOTE 2****
Well, now that this guy has completely blown up.  Lets look at this from a different angle.  How cool would it be if he was the voice-over guy for all waterski related videos?  You have the normal announcer guys doing tournaments and whatever, but, when they edit them up and have promo things, hobo announcer man comes parachuting into your youtubes and drops this golden voice on you?  Oh yeah, you smell what we are cooking.

****SENIOR ED NOTE 3****
Dangit ODBF, this is the internet. You posted a video for a Monday from almost a week ago?? Your off your game! OFF YOUR GAME!

****ED NOTE 4****
GD vid does not work so here it is in another vid that is actually working right now. grrr

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