Jan 10, 2011

Vid Day Monday - GhostBRAAAHHHMMMMMers

Yes, yes, 1000 times yes.

One thing that always sort of irked us about Ghostbusters is, why is it that just when they figure out how to detect ghost creatures is when they show up?  Isn't that a bit of a coincidence?

Actually, more to the point...Dan Ackroyd has done, what, two good movies in his life?  This one and Blues Brothers?  Bro, your coasting.  You did a pretty good bit in Gross Pointe Blank, but, your supposed to be one of the stars of the 80's SNL.  You don't see Bill Murray slumming now days do you?  No, Murray is out there getting drunk and crashing peoples parties and playing practical jokes.

You need to go google search how he would walk up behind strangers in N.Y, cover their eyes and say, "guess who", they would look and he would say, "no one is going to believe you" and walk off.

Thats a celeb.  Thats how its done.  So, hey, Danny boy.  Clean it up bud, your better then this.

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