Jan 4, 2011

Morning Lake Trout

The holidays kinda put us off our game. So here is some random links that don't require any real work on our part. The trained monkeys are all still a bit hungover and half the staff here is still wearing glittery hats that say "2011" on them, and Rowboat Abides has a hat that says "Happy New Year 1972" on it.

Apperantly people in some states have open water on new years day and so they go skiing. Even with the snow in the back ground I still hate them.

These people went skiing as well. Read the comments, they are a great example of how incredably stupid our society is. If you ever read comments on Youtube videos you will know what I mean.

Xavier University basketball coach Chris Mack likes to ski... and play basketball and other stuff... Like mess up his back skiing.

Slalom Ski Mag likes to put up ads and call them articles.

IWSF chose Regina Jacquess as the 2010 female athlete of the year. Girl has hella skills, solid choice.

On the same theme of ads as news for Waterski Mag there is this "news" about Natalia Berdnikava setting 2 world records behind the Nautique 200...or wait...is it 3 records behind the 200 like Bill Yergan says? Oh fact checking for "news" is so boring!

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