Jan 22, 2011

CRB Brings the Sexy - Movie Edition

No time for words.  Lets get to it.  Lets enjoy the gifts that god has bestowed upon us.

Amber Heard.  Who is this person and what has she done?  *checks imdb* holy lord, she has been in Friday Night Lights, Californication, Zombieland and will be in The Rum Diary??  Jesus how is it we have just heard/realized who she was.  Time for a remedy.  Here she is in her new movie with Nic Cage (his hair is bird, your argument is invalid), the movie is called..."Drive Angry"...bet this will be good.

Next up we have Friday Night Lights alum Minka Kelly.

Not sure when she made this movie, it must have been before we got married recently, but, holy lord this girl could re-start the sun should it ever die out. She is hot. and so is the sun. so....

This girl is Ashley Greene.

Ashley is dating a Jonas brother, which is fantastic. Nothing against the Jonas brothers, life is to short to hate, but, if someone as incredibly beautiful as Ms. Greene can date someone like that...well, that means their is hope for us all. Men and Women alike.  Her only real claim to fame is the Twilight movies, and, we can poke fun all day long at the stupidity that goes along with that series, but, if nothing else, they gave us Ashley, and for that, you can be a sparkly abstinate vampire.

And to wrap it up, we have Geek hot Olivia Munn choking a chicken. Because its an innuendo. get it?

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