Dec 21, 2010

Winter is for the LAMEZ

I love to get a new calendar. It means a new year, a fresh start (fresh start?? ain't that some bs), new oppurtunities...of wtf am I talking about. I love getting a new calendar because it means that we are one month closer to the end of the snowpocolyptic hell that is my state during the winter. This does not apply to all of the CRBers as those bastards live in warm states where their lakes did not freeze in early fall.



ODBF: /shakes off snow
ODBF: Man its cold out here
ODBF: /flips calendar from August to December

Boat: ***frozen in ice***

ODBF: OH DAMN...I knew I forgot something.
ODBF: That may be an issue

/Door Flies Open

***Moderator*** Life Jacket and Dig Dug have returned from the lake

Life Jacket: Man that was a sweet swerve set. Just gotta grab my board then its off to the beach to catch some sweet waves.

Dig Dug: /pumps air pump
Dig Dug: Someone needs to turn the A/C on in here. Its so hot.

ODBF: I hate you both with all the power of this blizzard
ODBF: I've gotta go shovel some snow

***Moderator***ODBF has slipped and fallen on the ice

CRB Minon:'ve got enough snow to shovel it??? You been holding out on me?
CRB Minon: /snorts line of coke

Rowboat Abides: GET OFF MY LAWN!!
Rowboat Abides: /fires shot gun

***Moderator***To hell with you guys, I'm out of here
Moderator: /bails
***CRB Chat Room has closed***

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