Nov 1, 2010

Vid Day Monday - ATB

The Sarasota show ski team has a specially designed boat for doing large ATB (around the boat) acts. This is really a pretty fun act, as its not that hard but peeps think it is. Just need a driver that actually knows how to drive with out a buoy telling them where to drive.


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    What makes their boat special???

  2. my understanding is that they have weight on one side of the boat and a reinforced pylon. that prevents the boat from rolling over from the pull and keeps the pylon from tearing out.

    not sure if the weight also helps get the boat around faster

  3. that is our understanding as well. corrections can be made to crb hq via internet. but, do believe that it was/is a reinforced pylon and a souped up motor. The weight thing quite plausible as well.

    if memory serves, this is something that they have been working on and tweaking for a number of years and teh boat reflects it.

    not unlike how the crb will take notes, and tweak our writting staff.

    Many of you may not know this, but, the odbf and dig dug are actually 250 different people. black white, male female. CRB hq just calls for a consistent output. the input doesn't matter. we are all binary codes as it is.

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