Nov 30, 2010

Ski Racing and Logs = Bad Combo

This lake feels bumpy
Stuff.Co.Nz -  "I texted Rick this morning and he doesn't seem too good and will be a few days in hospital at least."
Hyde said he felt like he "had been hit by a truck" as he attempted to get back to work today running his Rotorua landscaping business.

Race controller Emma Duckworth said no decisions would be made about any potential changes to next year's event until a full debrief of the weekend's racing.

"It's always hard to predict things like the number of logs in the river but the debrief will review the race, the timing and the river levels and it won't be until after that that any decisions are made." Duckworth said.

Its pretty easy to look at something like this, some people getting hurt in a ski race competition in Australia, then look to the CRB to make fun of the skiers or the drivers or something that seems to be, on its surface, one of the silliest aspects of waterskiing there is.

But, you would be wrong.

People can do whatever the hell they want to in this life, we are not ones to pass judgement, no, look at the organizers of this event and look at that quote, "Its always hard to predict things like the number of logs in the river."

No it isn't!  You drive a boat down before the race and inspect things.  Are there a bunch of logs in the river??  Yes??  Put the race on hold and get the logs out.

Its one of the things that we have lived by here at the CRB for years, Get the logs out!

C'mon Emma Duckworth are you trying to hold a speed waterski race event or trying to set up a MXC style event that we all get stoned and laugh at on tuesday nights.

Its in your court sweetheart.


  1. wait...whats this about getting stoned on Tuesday nights? I dont remember that. And MXC? Tuesday night is wing night, so if by stoned you mean lighting my head on fire at the local Bdubbs then yes, that is the haps.

  2. your right. i had my week night party events mixed up.


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