Nov 10, 2010

Ski Fly Record

This vid of Jaret setting the Ski Fly record is a bit old but hella awesome. Ski Fly really pushed the limits, but did not do enough to push the sport forwards. Our sport needs a much larger base to support such high end events, there is just not the new blood coming in to the sport to keep the competitions legit. 3 guys competing does not make for a good event.

Jump is a tough event to take to the masses, ramps are pricey and its not like its easy to load a ramp up and dump it in any old public lake. But if the current trend of pushing waterski events into more public areas (ie this years malibu open) you will see increased interest in skiing and thus more interest in jumping (because jumping is by far the most pimp event there is). So lets hope the waterski world took a hint this year and will start pushing events back into public areas and get our sport rolling again. If you watch the ESPN footage of the freestyle events posted on monday you will notice the large crowds and that skiing was on freaking ESPN back then. Now the best we get is maybe a 30 minute spot on Ion Life at 2:30 in the morning. That is not really going to cut it if we really want to be a legit sport.

Or we could continue to let organizers gunning for world records to be set on their sites squander away the last of our pros with back woods record tournaments that do nothing to push our sport forward and nothing to support those pros.

12 inches short...THATS WHAT SHE SAID


  1. I need a cigarette after watching that video.

  2. crowd goes wild. :(


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