Nov 30, 2010

Obama about to get educated

Darla, get the kids in the truck, we got us some shoppin to do

wlsam - WASHINGTON (AP) — A White House official says President Barack Obama is meeting with Walmart's chief executive as part of his efforts to increase outreach to the business community.
Obama was scheduled to meet with Walmart CEO Mike Duke in the Oval Office Monday afternoon. The official said Obama and Duke were to discuss ways to spur job growth and encourage companies to invest in the United States.

Good lord we could go off on these two people and their respective destruction of the business atmosphere in this country, but, thats not our style.

No, it just seems ironic that the biggest swinging dick in the business world and the biggest swinging dick in the free world are getting together and the first thing that we can think of is "psssh, really?".  If Obama really wanted to figure out ways to spur growth, or get people to "re-invest" in America and all that, he should actually talk to small business owners, medium size business owners.

Actually, you know what?  Go ahead and talk to Mike Duke...and ask him where the majority of his products come from.   American business's?  maybe.  Are the products made here?  No?  Why?  because people like Mike Duke run their busniness's in a way to squeeze out the middle and small buisness ower who actually live and work here, all in the ignorant marketing of nonsense to idiots.

But, if you shop at wal-mart, and thats fine, people can do whatever they want, but, here is the thing.  You may be saving a buck or two, but, do your research, the militant desire for low prices is not in our best interest, and sure, sometimes its a pain in the ass to go to the grocery store and the hardware store, or down the block to the flower shop, or to the gas station for some smokes...but, for gods sake, put your money where your morals are.  We all want to believe in mom and pop shops, small business, made in America.  Searching to save the 5 bucks on groceries by shopping at wal-mart isn't financially responsible, its socially lazy.


  1. i want that bourbon limo. probably clean the windows off...

  2. i love the fact that it has 12 doors, but, what really sets it off is the deer head poking out the top

  3. obviously this country needs more greeters to fix the economy.

  4. This is why I hate shopping at Wal-Mart

  5. ahh, walmart. gotta love a store that attracts all the creepy people in the country so we can shop at good stores with out them in the way.


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