Nov 24, 2010

Lake Trout Carry Out - You Are Now Fat Edition

Fun Turkey Day Fact:

*Israelis eat the most turkey: 28 pounds per person. The average American eats almost 17 pounds of turkey annually.

And other turkey day factoids.

Dr. Robbins on CSI (no idea who that is, I only watch skin-a-max) used to be a waterskier until he got his legs cut off in a car accident. Hmmm, that really sucks...

Top ten reasons why you should go out on Thanksgiving Eve. I dont see "to get so drunk you dont remember hanging out with your annoying extended family all day the next day"

Ok...Seriously WTF? Jones makes some good soda but this is just nonesense, nobody should ever be forced to eat Tofurkey. Oh, you think the soda is weird...WELL I THINK YOUR WEIRD

Ski Centurion is making their move to get back into the waterski market. No idea if the boat is any good but its good to see someone dropping some dollas on a new 3 event boat design.

Who the fuck is P.J. Marks and how the hell did he make millions starting a wakeboard park? I'm in the wrong damn business.*
*business = begging for food and money in front of payless shoes

It's cold in every part of the country that I don't hate with a passion right now, so that means its time to winterize the boat and start drinking case after case of beer. Some good ideas for making the process not suck as bad over at the Hexagon of Spray

Alliance Wakeboard map pretty much kicks 99.9% of all other magizines asses. I mean have you seen those Reef ads? Wait...they haver articles and pictures of other things too? WOW... Oh yea, Alliance is 10 years old.

Anyone ever seen Zebra muscles? If you have you would remember because the only reason you saw one is because you were looking to see what just cut your foot wide open. Well no surprise it turns out the vast majority of dipshits that ride PWCs did not know that zebra muscles are spread by sticking to a boat and boat trailers.

And a link to 25 pics of girls in body paint. Why you ask? Shut the F up I say.

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