Nov 5, 2010

Lake Trout Carry-Out - Missy Takes You Into the Weekend

Missy Gibson, surfer girl, model, CRB girl.  Natch
Most places around the country and packing up their gear and slutty Halloween costumes and getting ready to destroy some turkeys.  At CRB HQ we are having our annual T-day celebration at Flanagan Irish Saloon (its a wild-west Irish bar), which is just off the lake, and even though its a few weeks away, the excitement is palatable within our walls.

One of the things that we are thankful for, is that upon inception of the CRB HQ, we strained to foster a certain atmosphere around the offices of overtly offensive jokes, free-range chicken farming and a fully stocked bar.

This does very little to foster a productive work environment, but, it does promote a fun work environment.

If one were to visit our HQ you would see a plaque bearing the likeness of CRB founder Rowboat Abides, the plaque also includes some of Rowboat's inspirational sayings, which we have placed in chronological order.

The one that always sticks out to people as they walk by, other then it being mounted on springs, is this one,

"I will beat you to death if you don't have fun!"

which, in hindsight, doesn't really inspire fun, but, does underscore the basis for the CRB.

Probably why we don't take to much shit real serious, participating in a fun sport like waterskiing is real tough to actually take various things that serious. For that matter, its tough to get that real wrapped up in any specific discipline, i.e, note our constant fun poking of waterski magazine and slalom, etc.

We, as we suppose most of everyone does, endeavor to have fun on the water, regardless of what specific avenue you use to do so, i.e, jump skis, trick ski, wakeboard, wake surfer, skurfer, kneeboard, penis, barefoot, etc.

The point is we should be having as much fun as possible, do you have an agenda to push?  I.e, making a video, or whatever?  Cool.  Fun translates and makes it enjoyable to watch.  Do you suck at skiing like the ODBF?  Whatever, you have never seen anyone explode around the one ball, at full line length, on a kneeboard, while drunk until you have seen what ODBF can do.

Which is what makes this time of year such a bummer.  There are a select group of all y'all who can ski all year round, others who have packed up a few weeks back.  No matter, the official CRB Tow vehicle, the Skimasterbu, was put away for the year the other day and that means another god damn winter of going out to the garage, firing up the space heater, drinking beer and waiting.

We all have normal lives and waterskiing is, usually, a big part of the fun, but, its something that we have to wait for.  Like a McRib.  Its what makes it so good, we think.

Now granted, we do have access to the CRB Pleasure Dome (our enclosed private ski lake, but, its a cable awesome V8 noises), but, we are also so rich that we use 100 dollar bills to bandage cuts.

Hopefully our winter is short and sweet, give us a quick, cold and good winter (snowboarding, driving cars into ditchs, snowmen) and then let us get back on the water.  Its where we belong anyways.

With all that, here are some random links to peruse over the weekend.  Enjoy.  Or don't.  What are we your damn parents?
  • Keith Olberman, he of overtly douchey rants and leftist opinions has been suspended by msnbc for donating to a few democrats campaigns.  We sort of thought thats what his show was used for anyways.  We really like him when he talks sports, but, wow, when he starts getting all sanctimonious on our ass about politics...well, its good theatre.  Which is what the news is now anyway.  (Politico)
  • After setting the table that allowed the recent electorial demolishon of her party, maybe Pelosi should consider just laying low for awhile.  No?  Good luck with that lady.  (
  •  Have no real animosity towards the Miami Heat, but, you couldn't possibly have scripted anything to inspire hate more then what the Heat have done.  Oh, who are we kidding.  HAHA, no one is buying tickets to your games!!  (Miami Herald)
  •  Regarding Four Loko.  "The commission's concern for health, safety and welfare of Michigan citizens and the fact that there is not enough research to validate that these products are safe for consumption has made me believe that until further research is done by the FDA, they should no longer be on Michigan shelves," Michigan Liquor Control Commission Chairwoman Nida Samona said in the statement.  And yet they still sell tickets to the Lions, OH, LAZY BURN!  (LA Times)
  • A great read about Sparky Anderson, who just died the other day.  Baseball (you guys remember that sport?) only has a handful of managers who you know just by hearing their name, regardless if you really follow the sport.  Sparky is one of them.  Check out this nice post.  (Joe Blogs)
  • An eldery couple in Canada won the lottery, figured the money was to much of a damn headache and gave almost all of their winnings away to charity, after paying for the wives cancer treatments.  These two are beyond awesome.  Please save them the trouble and stay off their god damn lawn.  (
  • Whoa, people are ditching the insanely expensive and bullshitty cable companies because everything is available on the web?  No commercials, no stupid censoring, no god damn two and a half men?  Color us stunned, as we type this blog post on a typewritter.  Netflix and Hulu and what not seem to be taking off.  Tubes.  An internet.  AOL dial up.  Continue...... (JS Online)

Please, get this poor kid his backpack back!  Side note.  Check out the comments, some dude sent this poor kids dad $60 for a new psp.  See mom!  The internet is not totally full of dick heads and dick jokes and facebooks.  

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