Oct 27, 2010

Well Son of a B...

So just a few weeks ago I was all fired up and bitching about how cable news outlets in their rush to get breaking news stories out first give unsubstantiated rumors as actual news...Well...Lets just let Mr. Siemers tell you the truth via his facebook page.
Jimmy Siemers So my "friends" thought it would be a good idea to say I broke the world record. Nic was texting every round freaked out that I was going to set the record. They felt his insecurities needed a little playing with. Sorry guys

DAMN IT JIMMY, you made us look like all the other crappy news outlets in the world.

***Our definition of "news" may not be the same as most other media outlets.***


  1. Jimmy you freakin liar!

    PS - how cool would it be to be good enough to tell people you set the world record - and they BELIEVE you!

  2. Upon hearing that initial word yesterday, I responded on the Water Ski Broadcasting Company Page with this post:

    "The Water Ski Broadcasting Company has received initial reports of another pending world trick record. This time around it's from Jimmy Siemers, with a score of 12430 points from the Trick Jam Tournament at the Isles of Lake Hancock. If approved, it would eclipse the 12400 point mark set by Nicolas LeForestier five years ago."

    In no way in the language of that post did I state that the record was OFFICIALLY broken. Yet, I received comments from both the perpetrator of the hoax and his accomplice questioning my journalistic integrity. I don't take that lightly.

    And while I don't believe that Jimmy had any direct involvement in creating the hoax, I personally believe that he didn't act quick to stop it.

    Respectfully - if that's still possible given the events of the last few hours...

    Tony Lightfoot

  3. Cris,


    /sets drunk dialing record
    //gets slapped


    Its all good man. no worries. We fell for it as well. of course thats because its easy to think that nobody is dumb enough to actually just go out and say they set a record if they did not.

    In this case its really kinda funny. Makes us all look a little silly but oh well


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