Oct 30, 2010

Wakeboarding + Rails = NUTS!

I recently made it out to a cable park for the first time. Keep in mind, I don't wakeboard. I did this trip, however, and by the end of it, I realized the next generation of Pros are going to be rediculous at rails and sliders. 2 hours of time at the park = at least 1 hour of time on the water with feature after feature in front of you. I've never slid anything in my life off the snow, but by the time I left I felt pretty solid on everything there. And that's from a guy with poor balance and a moderate buzz going on..

Now you put a person out there with actual talent and they'll take it to a whole different level. Especially considering half the kids I saw were 5ft or shorter, and made the guys in the video below look like they've never ridden before a day in their lives. The point? We should all get ready for even more ruthless rail segments from companies like Hyperlite and Liquid Force that already put out crazy videos each year.

These guys? Not pros. Sick video nonetheless... If you haven't been to a cable park before, check one out. All kinds of fun.

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