Oct 18, 2010

Vid Day Monday - YAY SLALOM

So we are going to stick with the theme (and tag) of SLALOM IS ALL THAT IS HOLY. That's right bitchez! Nate Smith came flying into the picture at the Global Invitational in Michigan a few months back, getting into 41 off every round. Lots of peeps were all like "who the f is this kid", well these vids of him running (what looks like) 5 @ 41 off should tell you hes for realz son.

39 off

41 off

Oh, and I am back to boycotting the Skifliez due to the completely fucktarded way people talk to each other on there. I mean, just cuz I never have any facts to back up my opinions does not mean anyone else is allowed to comment with no clue what the truth is.

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