Oct 27, 2010

Regina Is Unstoppable round 3

So the video is finally online...and I have to say I will probably never buy a Goode ski because I FUCKING HATE THEIR GOD DAMN LONG VIDEOS!!! GOOD LORD MAN, STOP JERKING YOURSELF OFF AND DO A NORMAL VID. GAHHHH There is no reason to have a 9 minute long video to show a total of 14 3/4 buoys run. Plaster your logo all over the place and make the vid 2 minutes long, boom done. Drop the annoying graphics at the beginning and post your self serving interviews as a separate video.

So for the average viewer that does not give a shit about Dave Goodes video editing shenanagens here are the times to scroll to so you dont have to watch that crap.

1 1/2@41 off starts at 35 second point
slow mo view of the 41 off pass starts at 5:10

and the 1 1/4 is not on there even though Dave talks about it.

Why does Dave have the official boat video before anyone else does? if he has it can we just request it and get it as well?


  1. that seems like an awfully irrational thing to be irritated about.

    Still think its humorous that we have these broken records recently and its zapruder films that surface showing what happened.

  2. back yard tournaments will do that
    no one watches these events, they are just for setting records thats it.

  3. oh, and I have nothing against Goode skis or against Dave himself. I hate super long vids that could be about 30 seconds long.

  4. Maybe this version of the 1.5@10.25m score might be more to your liking...



    Tony Lightfoot

  5. ...and here is the missing 1.25@10.25m effort.


    Tony Lightfoot


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