Oct 4, 2010

New Womens NCWSA Jump Record

See, now this is how to get into the good graces of the CRB staff.  Sure, trick skiing is nice and all, toe turns and whirlybirds, but, if you really want to get us all a twitter, you need to strap on a pair of long skis and launch.  Guess that memo was recieved loud and clear this weekend in Zachary, as one of our favorites, Alex Lauretano set a pending jump record.

Explain in great detail ncwsa.com
Alex Lauretano, ULM, set a pending collegiate womens jump record this weekend at the South Central Regionals. Alex leaped 155 to surpass Natalia Berdnikova's previous record of 154.
Informative and thorough!

This is of course on the heels of her setting a pending trick record a few weeks ago.  Quit being so greedy with the records Alex!

This is obviously a case of dishonest advertising.  We don't see a trick or a jump ski anywhere in that picture, or, its a case of Alex just waiting to blow up the slalom record soon too.

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